-the original telemagazine program on cockfighting since 1998 and it was established by the late Edmundo “Emoy” Gorgonia, prime mover of the cocking show in the Philippines and a sabong icon of all time. It was produced through the initiative brainchild and efforts of Emoy because he believed that media can help to disseminate information regarding the different aspects of sabong.

Besides, this show tends to lift and to boost the industry not only for the game itself but also for the common people be more scientifically engaged in taking care of their battlecock and breeding. Hence, people will be erudite that this sport is not a gambling per-se but initially a serious ethnic and a truly Filipino sport throughout the century.

-It was born to enlighten the public viewers about the different sides of the cockfighting industry:

* from the different common people’s who are enthusiast with this sport,
* to the diverse advices on how to properly supervise the poultry,
* to the noted interviews with the celebrated cockers in the US,
* to the tips on gamefowl health management,
* to the sophistications of animal genetics and breeding techniques,
* to the suitable poultry nutrition schemes and accurate veterinary applications.
* To the serialize proper management of gamefarm
* To pedigreed bloodlines
* To the Q&A portion, which initially coming from the keen viewers and aficionados of the sport
* to the reputable interviews with the eminent Filipino Breeders that tackles the cocking aspects and their lives as a breeder and a cocker.

– It has aired over IBC 13 every Sunday noontime for thirteen (13) years already and also showed in a cable TV today for nine (9) years now on Pinoy Extreme Channel ( former Viva Prime Channel) Tukaan is replayed every Sunday 1 pm & 10:30 pm and Monday 5:30 am on the same cable channel. It is also aired in Middle East thru Orbit Cable (Pinoy Extreme Channel), every Monday, Friday, & Saturday at 6 pm.